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The ML180 is a 90 degree cross line laser level. It has 4 laser lines, 4 cross points and a plumb down point that is conveniently set to the outside of the tool for easy access. The ML180 features electronic self leveling and remote adjustment of +/- 4 degrees using the laser receiver as a remote control.

Remote Adjustment

The XCR Catch laser receiver offers more functionality than a standard receiver for line lasers or for rotation lasers. The receiver beeps to indicate that you are close to or directly in line with the laser beam. The big difference here is that the XCR Catch operates like a remote control and automatically catches the beam with the Smart Targeting function. By holding down the right and left arrow buttons you can spin the ML180 on a horizontal axis of +/- 4 degrees. 

This is great when working alone, outside and at long distances (up to 50 meters). Simply get the laser close to your target and then micro adjust remotely to get it right where you want it or use the automatic alignment function Smart Targeting. This is perfect for lining up at a 90 degree angle with the corners of existing structures or laying out walls.

Precise layouts at long distances

The electronic self-levelling automatically compensates for the tool being slightly out of level. This precision eleminates costly errors due to incorrect line projection, which is especially important at longer distances. 

Battery Life

The Leica Lino ML 180 can be used with a rechargeable battery pack or alkaline batteries. This provides maximum flexibility and ensures that the Leica Lino ML180 is always ready for use. The tool can also be used while being charged.

Plumb dot positioning

Using the plumb dot, you can set up the Leica Lino over a desired point. The plumb beam is offset to the corner of the tool. So the Leica Lino ML180 can be quickly and easily set up over markings, including those close to walls.

The smart XCR Catch – laser receiver and remote control 

The XCR Catch features a large reception window located on either side of the laser receiver so laser lines can be detected very quickly. The receiver display is on both sides of the device so that the position of the laser line can be read from different working positions.

The XCR Catch comes with a versatile bracket. The bracket allows the tool to be fixed in multiple positions on various building elements. It also has a quick-adjustment feature.

Features and Functions

180 degree Fan Angle Icon 180° Fan Angle

The fan angle on a line laser determines the coverage the tool provides from a given point. The higher the fan angle, the fewer times you have to reset the tool throughout the course of a job.

90 degree Cross Line Laser Function Icon 90° Cross Line Laser

Engage both the vertical and horizontal beams to project a perfect 90° intersection in front of the device. 

Ideal for laying tile on walls or floors, for laying out grids for a drop ceiling, or any other task that requires a 90° referrence.

Laser Receiver Compatible Icon Laser Receiver Compatible

Using an RVL 100 laser receiver with your line laser doubles your range. The RVL 100 works on the same basic principle as the receivers that work with rotating lasers intended for outdoor use. We also carry the RVL80 laser receiver

Level Horizontal Line Function Icon Level Horizontal Line
Plumb Vertical Line Function Icon Plumb Vertical Line
Rechargeable Battery (NiMH) Icon Rechargeable Battery (NiMH)

Up to 7 hours of continuous use with both beams on.

Self Leveling Auto Level Icon Self Leveling

For Lino products, the precise leveling pendulum will level and plumb lines when the housing is tilted up to 4° 

For the 3D DISTO, self-leveling within range of ±3°

Set Out Right Angles Icon Set Out Right Angles

Lino's with both vertical and horizontal point lasers can be positioned to set perfect 90 degree angles.



Operation range * (with receiver at the center of the line) up to 100 m / 328 ft
Self leveling accuracy (@25°C/77°F) 0.7 mm @10 m / 1/32 in @30 ft
Self-levelling range +/- 5°
Self leveling time < 10 sec.
Angular accuracy 0.2 mm/m
Laser diode type 635 nm, laser class 2
Fan angle 120°
Protection IP54
Operation temperature -10 - +45°C / 14°F - +113°F
Storage temperature -25 - +70°C / -13°F - +158°F
Battery type Type D, 2 x 1,5V
Average battery operation time alkaline / NiMH 10 hrs (Alkaline) 12 hrs (rechargeable)
Dimensions 250 x 159 x 230 mm / 9.9 x 6.3 x 9.1 in
Weight with batteries 2200 g / 77 oz