SiteDraw Lite

SiteDraw for iPad* compatible with DISTO e7500i only

SiteDraw Lite is designed to create fast and accurate “As Built” floor plans. Rooms are drawn by manually inputting room dimensions and swiping the screen in the direction of the line, or by receiving measurements from Leica Disto Laser Rangefinders.

Building on experience from professionals involved in design, planning, estimation and inspection of residential and commercial spaces, SiteDraw Lite eliminates the overhead and steep learning curve of similar CAD programs. Draw straight lines, angles and curves through triangulation off of existing room points.  A simple door insertion tool allows rapid placement of door locations and openings from fixed reference points within a room. Once the first door opening is created, SiteDraw memorizes the width and depth of the opening to make repetitive door placement in rooms, halls and corridors a breeze. Door locations are also used as connecting points to accurately chain adjacent rooms together.

Learn more about the capabilities and hardware requirements for SiteDraw Lite and a full featured Professional edition on the SiteDraw website. SiteDraw will not wirelessly integrate with all models of the Leica DISTO laser measurer.