DISTO™ transfer App Bluetooth® 2.1 / 4.0 (Android V4.3 or higher)

DISTO™ transfer App BT LE - Android V4.3 or higher

DISTO™ transfer App (Android V4.3 or higher) wirelessly connects your mobile device to a Bluetooth® enabled Leica DISTO™. Once the link is established, you can easily transfer data to an Excel table and/or clipboard app for further use. The app drops the data into the current cursor position in the Excel file. Once a measurement is in the Clipboard, it can be inserted into any application.

The DISTO™ transfer App either creates an Excel file the file or you can open any Excel file previously used. The most common formulas from Excel are supported for imported files. The DISTO™ transfer App allows you to switch the laser on and off, measure, and transfer data to your mobile device. The app supports Bluetooth® 2.1 or Bluetooth® Smart 4.0, and works with Leica DISTO™ A6, D3aBT, D330i, D8, D110, D510 and D810 touch.

Please note: This app only runs on Android devices version 4.3 or higher. It supports Bluetooth® 2.1 interface with SPP profile as well as Bluetooth® 4.0 (Bluetooth® Low Energy). Due to the vast amount of existing Android devices, not all devices have been tested. Successful results were achieved by using the Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.