This one's for the lefties

As I’m sure any lefty knows, there are some really frustrating things about living in a righty world. (Full disclosure - I’m right handed)

A quick Google search revealed to me some of what lefties deal with on a day to day.

Three ring binders, can openers, college desks, scissors and of course the ink smudge. 

I recently found out that there is yet another issue for lefties to deal with. The tape measure. Turns out most tape measures are designed for the right handed. So when stretching out the tape, if you’re left handed, you see the numbers upside down. 

This can cause some real issues if you measure for a living. Is that a 9 or a 6? This isn’t just opening a can of tuna, this is your livelihood we’re talking about.

As a right handed person, its easy to take for granted the conveniences we enjoy. As Chuck from Floormax Atlanta points out to his boss Todd Worlock in the video below, “only left handed people know”. Chuck’s been a flooring installer and estimator for 33 years so he was pretty excited to share how the DISTO D2 and the Measure Mobile 3 app make his life easier, his work faster and his estimates more accurate.

If you’re a lefty and you needed one more reason to start using a DISTO, there you have it - Leica DISTO - ambidextrously inclined. (Also, DISTOs have measurement memory and bluetooth so you don’t even need to write your dimensions down - no more ink palm!)

If you’re a righty help the cause and share this with your lefty friends!