Leica DISTO™ - The Laser Distance Meter Family with the Important Extra

I have been working for Leica Geosystems in Switzerland for more than 20 years now. I remember exactly when I started we had just launched the Leica DISTO™ basic and DISTO™ pro from the 2nd product generation.

We were the inventors of this product category 23 years ago when we released the first generation of the Leica DISTO™. The first Leica DISTO™ was the size of a brick, with todays lasers being only the size of a candy bar. The first DISTO™ only had the capability of measuring a distance up to 30m, now they can measure up to 300m. Our first one had a Pythagoras function for indirect measurements, but now the DISTO™ S910 measures any remote distance directly by use of its complex 3D measuring system, etc.. Meanwhile we have sold millions of laser distance meters worldwide. 

For me there has always been two major aspects in bringing our products further. On one side it is essential for me to have the most innovative product line in the market. On the other side the highest innovation does not bring anything if you do not always have the customer’s needs in mind.

Very quickly when I started in my job I recognized that the potential users of our products are not homogeneous and their applications are varying a lot. As a consequence we had to work on a range of products that can fulfill the different customer demands.

Doing this we learned that beside having the demand on ourselves of offering highly professional products that are most reliable, accurate and innovative we always need to offer the important extra. So none of our products are designed just to be there, all of them are offering features that help make it unique in its class. Some examples are the Bluetooth® interface for working with our smart App for better and easier documentation, an automatic end-piece for measuring from all kinds of references, IP65 dust and jet-water protection for the highest robustness, a digital pointfinder essential for outdoor measuring in daylight, the possibility to measure within a photo taken with a DISTO™, measuring distances between any points with a 3D encoder or even using a stationary DISTO™ with motorization for scanning, etc..

I strongly believe that this is exactly what makes us as the inventor of the laser distance meter so successful. We are not a supplier that rests on its success. Follow us and experience the difference.

Markus Hammerer