Bluetooth® DISTO OS Compatibility

We currently support Bluetooth Smart (V4.0) and Bluetooth 2.1.

The S910D810 touchE7500i, D2 New, E7100i and D1 are compatible with Bluetooth Smart (V4.0 or higher). The D330i is Bluetooth 2.1 compatible.

Most new devices use Bluetooth Smart, and some are "dual mode".

These PDFs have additional compatibility information:

Windows 8.1/DISTO PDF
Windows 10/DISTO PDF

Some of these PDFs refer to the European model designations for DISTOs. Here is the decoder ring for corrosponding US models:

European Model US Model
D110 E7100i
D3aBT D330i
D510 E7500i


Generally speaking, if you are looking to pair a DISTO with an older Android or Windows device running Bluetooth 2.1 (which is a common scenario for AutoCAD users), the D330i is the safest choice.