BLK360: ReCap Pro for mobile Workflow

Autodesk® ReCap™ Pro for mobile brings the most popular features from ReCap Pro for desktop to the 12.9" iPad Pro™ - and it’s included as part of any ReCap Pro subscription.

Push the button on your BLK360 scanner to turn the device on. From there, the simple user interface of ReCap Pro for mobile guides you through the reality capture process.

The BLK360 is connected to ReCap Pro for mobile via a private wifi connection. To start a scan, simply tap “New Scan” then customize your scan settings. 

As the BLK360 executes its scanning process, the imagery and scan data stream into the app in real time. A full 360° scan can be taken in as little as 3 minutes.  As you collect your scans, they’re automatically registered into one, single point cloud project.

Once complete, view the 360º imagery. You can take distance measurements within the mobile application directly from your iPad. 

Tag elements in the imagery with text and photo annotations.

Visualize site data from anywhere. Put yourself back on the scene in real world context by viewing spherical imagery.

When you’re ready, simply upload your data to ReCap Pro on your desktop then prepare your point cloud for use in Autodesk’s design tools.