BLK3D Industry


BLK3D in Building Construction

Progressive Project Documentation


BLK3D - Take a picture, measure anything



BLK3D - project progress documentation



Efficient Estimation


Use the BLK3D to quickly and accurately capture the measurements you need to build an estimate - on-site or back at the office.






In-Depth Construction Documentation


The seamless capture of images and measurements will change the way you think about project documentation.




From the start


It is important to get everyone on the same page right from the start. Kick off your project by documenting as-built conditions with the BLK3D. The images you collect will become the digital foundation from which you and other project stakeholders can work.







Once something is buried, it’s buried. This is even more of an issue if it is buried under concrete. Documenting the locations of underground utilities or features with the BLK3D can help to avoid some serious problems and it reduces unforseen costs. The BLK3D makes accurate measurements available in the event that changes need to be made after filling or pouring concrete.



BLK3D - project progress documentation




In the walls


The BLK3D delivers unparalleled detail when documenting MEP systems. Whether documenting in case of change orders, as a part of a contractual obligation, or for future facility management, all BLK3D images retain the information you need.



BLK3D office software




At the finish


Document your finished work with a complete visual and dimensional archive of your project.



BLK3D office software

BLK3D office software

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