Cyclone REGISTER 360 Desktop

A building at Ellis Island. REGISTER 360 works with the BLK360 or any widely recognized 3D or imaging scanner sensor. This data was captured with a Leica P40.

Leica Cyclone REGISTER is the industry’s most trusted and powerful point cloud registration software. Bring your digital reality data from the Leica BLK360 (and any other major 3D and imaging scanning sensor) into Cyclone REGISTER to create an integrated, accurate, and complete point cloud.

New for 2017, Cyclone REGISTER 360 borrows from the speed, scale and extended quality reporting of Cyclone REGISTER . A simpler version of its namesake, REGISTER 360 is designed for small-to-medium sized jobs (maximum 100's of scans) where new entrants to the laser scanning world need detailed quality reporting and workflows.

Take advantage of industry-leading productivity gains. Cyclone REGISTER’s automatic scan registration and processing tools provide fast, automatic, and robust alignment with the ability to combine multiple registration methods, such as auto-target recognition, auto cloud-to-cloud alignment, survey resection, traverse, and many more.

Users can now also solve their large and complex registration projects through the use of highly efficient SmartAlign and Visual Alignment tools for higher automation and productivity with  even your most challenging projects.

"Cyclone REGISTER 360 makes it easy to integrate BLK360 data into my existing Cyclone workflow and combine it with our P40 scans."

Coming Soon

Cyclone REGISTER 360 will be available this summer.

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