BLK360+Recap Pro @Work in AEC

"This gives me a three dimensional perspective of the spaces we're working in. If I can just open that up to take a look, without having to call the client, that avoids that infamous phone call, 'Hey, I missed something and I have to come back'...we look more professional."

~ Steve Gross, Architectural Engineer, Valley Home Improvement

Simple to use

BLK360 has simplified field data collection for renovation, retrofit and restoration. Weighing just 1kg, the BLK360 scans what you need, providing you with point cloud data and HDR imagery.

Taking it all in


Collecting as-built data for renovation or restoration using a tape measure, DSLR, pencil, and graph paper takes a lot of time -- and it often requires at least one more site visit.


Watch Thad Wester from WeWork and Steve Gross from Valley Home Improvement talk about the possibilities created by the BLK360 and ReCap Pro.

Download Sample Data


A BLK360 Sample scan in E57 format.




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