How to update firmware (Download PDF)


Release Date Description Download
Jan 2018

This is the newest firmware update for the BLK360.

This firmware contains major bug-fixes, included are:

  • Sometimes the panorama image capturing was failing using ReCap Pro mobile. In this case an error message was shown in ReCap Pro mobile stating: “panorama shoot failed: device functional error: doTakeImageHandleResults: taking image failed”
  • Exposure time handling in combination with HDR image capturing.
  • Service Report could not be downloaded using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Nov 2017


  • Support of HDR images
  • Increased speed of image acquisition process
  • User definable settings for Push Button scanning
  • Leica Cyclone REGISTER & REGISTER 360 users: New versions supporting HDR images will be released soon. Until then turn off HDR before collecting scans for Cyclone REGISTER and REGISTER 360.