BLK360 Firmware

BLK360 Firmware Updates

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August 2019

This is the newest firmware update for the BLK360

This is an engineering release to address the following improvements compared to the previous firmware versions.

  • Battery status information not updated.
  • Scan data could be corrupted when captured with firmware v1.2.2
May 2019
  • Reduced scan data size.
  • Enhanced imaging processing.
  • Removal of rare pink mist in LDR and HDR images.
  • Improved brightness control for panoramic images.
  • Automatic update of the SD card to avoid corruption.
  • Extended Scan delay for push-button.
  • Scan only capture for push-button.
December 2018
  • Support of WLAN infrastructure access.
  • Support of additional settings to use the IR-Camera.
  • Support of scan only use-cases without image capturing.