Leica DISTO S910™ Firmware Updates

How to flash the firmware on a Leica DISTO™ S910 (PDF)



Release Date Description Download
Dec 2017 This firmware update improves the functionality of WiFi on the S910 Touch.


Jul 2016

This is the newest firmware update for the S910.

  • Enables device to operate even while charging
  • After using a function all values in the display can now be selected and sent via Bluetooth®
  • Improves connectivity via Bluetooth® and WLAN 
  • To save and to exit the DXF Function a pop-up will appear for confirmation (prevents saving the values before having finished or leaving the function before saving)
  • When using the DXF Function, the height of the first measured point is now zero (coordinates are 0/0/0)
  • When "Move Alert" is disabled this will be shown as an information screen after device levelling - notifies users that no information will appear on the DISTO screen even if the device has been moved and is not level anymore
  • Adds new housing reference - a measuring pin will be launched that can be added to the housing thread for measuring from corners


Jan 2016 This firmware update is highly recommended for all users, due to a fix which addresses an issue where touchscreen performance could degrade when the S910 was in continuous use over long periods of time (>10 minutes) . In addition the instrument shutdown timeout at device inactivity for WiFi has been extended to 10 minutes.  When using the DISTO S910 with Bluetooth in remote control from your smartphone or tablet, it switches into "Remote Control" mode as displayed on the device. This mode prevents errors during operation and can easily be left by pressing clear off. This installer now comes with the Leica Geosystems signature for Windows 10 compatibility.


Aug 2015 This firmware update fixes quite a few bugs including those that had to do with the DXF and pictures downloads as well as WiFi updates. We strongly recommend this update as it improves the functionality of WiFi on the S910 Touch. For those struggling to download files from the DISTO, this update will not erase those files and for those with data already stored on the DISTO that has not yet been downloaded, the data will not get lost.


June 2015 This firmware update improves the functionality of WiFi on the S910 Touch.