4 Steps from Field to Finished

The Leica Geosystems Software Solution

Step 1: Capture


A successful project begins with quality data.



Leica BLK360 Imaging Scanner

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Step 2: Process


Once you’ve captured your data, you need the right software tools to bring it all together into something you can use. 


Introducing Cylone REGISTER 360

Work quickly, simply and effectively with your BLK360 data in Cyclone REGISTER 360. Simply connect your BLK360 via WiFi to begin the import process then follow Cyclone REGISTER 360's guided workflow to QA and publish your project.

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Built-in help and assistant panel guide and educate new users.


Perfect for progects of any size. Cyclone REGISTER 360 grows with your business.


Direct import of BLK360 data vie WiFi for seamless progression from field to finished project.


Auto-registration, target extraction and guided workflows deliver unparalleled simplicity.


QA/QC built into the heart of the product so even new users can asses their results with confidence.


Batch export your files and an all new Registration Report to efficiently continue downstream work in CAD or companion software.


Step 3: Manage



JetStream is our point cloud server solution optimized to stream your point clouds to the most popular CAD systems and sync versions so your team can collaborate seamlessly


  • Centalised storage for simple callaboration
  • 5-10x smaller storage than traditional point cloud formats
  • Delviers unparalleled speed within CAD systems when paired with CloudWorx
  • Campatible with Cyclone REGISTER or Cyclone REGISTRATION 360

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TruView Cloud lets any user navigate a scene by panning, rotating and zooming. Plus, add notes, markups, GeoTags and hyperlinks to communicate globally with ease.

  • Collaboration via the web on any device, any browser
  • No 3D experience required, simple point-and-click navigation, markups and measurements.
  • View point clouds and models simultaneously to identify clashes and compare as-builts against design specs.
  • Campatible with Cyclone REGISTER or Cyclone REGISTRATION 360

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Step 4: Deliver


Deliver your project with ease through all of the most popular CAD packages.


CloudWorx is a series of plug-ins that connect your data to popular CAD systems allowing you to create models, linework and more. When CloudWorx is paired with JetStream, you can visualize all your data in real time, no matter how big the project. 


CloudWorx Ultimate

For users whose work spans many CAD systems, CloudWorx Ultimate lets you move data seamlessly between multiple platforms with a single, simple license. 


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The Ultimate CAD Solution


Leica Geosystem's total solution combining processing and data managment solutions with the ability to rapidly and easily visualize your data in all popular CAD systems.


  • Leica BLK360
  • Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 1 year subscription
  • Leica JetStream Enterprise 1 year subscription
  • Leica JetStream Connector 1 year subscription
  • Leica Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER 1 year subscription
  • Leica CloudWorx Ultimate 1 year subscription
  • Autodesk ReCap Pro 1 year subscription

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