Flooring Apps

Measure Square Mobile

Measure Square Mobile is estimating software for retail, multi-family and commercial flooring professionals.

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Image of the DISTO E7100i and Measure Mobile 3 Logo

Measure Mobile 3

Measure Mobile 3 by RFMS is the leading mobile estimating application available to create precise estimates for all types of flooring materials.

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SiteDraw Lite by Pacific Solutions

Pacific Solutions' SiteDraw Lite is a simple to use floor plan generator. Rooms are drawn on your mobile device by manually inputting room dimensions and swiping the screen in the direction of the line, or by receiving measurements via Bluetooth from a Leica DISTO™.  

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Real Estate Apps

Xactimate mobile

This innovative software speeds estimation for adjusters, contractors, specialty service providers, and more.

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TOTAL for Mobile from a la mode

Send measurements from your Bluetooth-enabled DISTO directly to the TOTAL for Mobile app on your phone or tablet.  It’s easy to define lengths, angles, arcs, and areas.  And, drop custom symbols and labels into TOTAL for a completed sketch in the field. 

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Residential Planning Apps

Featured image for OrthoGraph and Leica DISTO

OrthoGraph Survey System

It has never been easier to draw your floor plan! Sketch on your tablet like you would with pen and paper

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Room Planner from Chief Architect

Room Planner by Chief Architect is an app that makes it possible to create floor plans and 3D models on your mobile device in minutes. Bluetooth DISTOs send measurements directly into Room Planner saving time and eliminating human error.

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Free Apps from Leica Geosystems

Leica DISTO™ Transfer App BT LE - Android V4.3 or higher

Leica DISTO™ Transfer App Bluetooth® 2.1 or 4.0 (Android V4.3 or higher)

Leica DISTO™ Transfer App (Android V4.3 or higher) wirelessly connects your mobile device to a Bluetooth® enabled Leica DISTO™. Once the link is established, you can easily transfer data to an Excel table and/or clipboard app for further use. The app drops the data into the current cursor position in the Excel file. The Transfer App even lets you to switch the laser on and off, measure, and transfer data to your mobile device. This app supports Bluetooth® 2.1 or Bluetooth® Smart 4.0, and works with Leica DISTO™ A6, D3aBT, D330i, D8, D110, D510, D810 touch, E7100i, and E7500i models.

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Leica DISTO™ Transfer App Bluetooth® 2.1 (Android V2.3.3 or higher)

This app connects to Leica DISTO™ devices using a Bluetooth V2.1 interface (models are Leica DISTO™ D3aBT, D330i and D8). From an Android device, you can remotely trigger measurements and/or transfer the measurement data from the Leica DISTO™ into the Clipboard. Once data is in the Clipboard, it can be inserted into any application.

The app also allows direct data transfer into an Excel file. The Excel file can either be created by the app or  the App will open an existing file from the Android device. The app is compatible with the most common within Excel. The app drops the data into the current cursor position in the Excel file.

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Using Leica DISTO Transfer with a Microsoft Windows PC

Leica DISTO™ Transfer Software for Bluetooth® 2.1 or 4.0 (Microsoft Windows® OS)

Leica DISTO™ Transfer for Microsoft Windows® transfers measurements from a Leica DISTO™ with Bluetooth® to the cursor position of progams running in Windows. 


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DISTO Transfer WLAN (Version 5.06)

Get the latest version of DISTO Transfer WLAN here:


For More Information: Leica DISTO™ S910 with WIFI DISTO™ transfer and CAD Plugin PDF (EnglishFrenchGerman)

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Leica DISTO Sketch App

The​ Leica Sketch app connects to your Leica DISTO™ via bluetooth and increases your productivity by making it easy to capture your measurements and images in real time on your mobile device.

Once your device is synched up, each measurement is automatically sent to the app as you go. Draw a line, take your shot, then drag the measurement on to the line.

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