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The Leica DISTO™ D330i is a 9 measurement mode LDM accurate to 1/16th of an inch. It features a back-lit LCD display, a tilt sensor, and Bluetooth 2.1.

(Note: The 330i does not work with iOS).

Pair the D330i with a compatible Android device to run a variety of apps, including the free Leica DISTO™ Sketch App. Or Bluetooth measurements to your cursor in AutoCAD® or BricsCAD as you take them with the DISTO™ Transfer app.  

The D330i is the ideal LDM for creating an as-built interior space in AutoCAD®. 

Getting as-built dimensions can be a challenge when there obstacles blocking the level horizontal shot you need to get the measurement you want to take.  In Smart Horizontal mode, the D330i uses angle data from a tilt sensor and does the math to solve for the level horizontal distance to your target.

With a range of up to 330', a small wobble in the tool can translate to the laser point bouncing in wide arcs on your target . For best results when measuring long distances, keep your dot steady with a tripod and Leica's patented Fine Tune Adapter.


How to use the D330i


Typical measuring accuracy0.04 in
Rangeup to 330 ft
Measuring units0.000 m, 0.0000 m, 0.00 m, 0.00 ft, 0'00" 1/32, 0.0 in, 0 in 1/32
Power Range Technology™Yes
Distance in m10, 50, 100 m
Laser dot diameter in mm6, 30, 60 mm
Tilt sensor measuring range±45° range, ±0.3° accuracy (display options: ±0.0°, 0.00%)
MemoryLast 20 values
Free AppYes (Leica DISTO™ Transfer)
Data interfaceBluetooth® V2.0, Class 2, 33' range
Bluetooth Navigation KeysYes, 8 directions
Measurements per set of batteriesup to 5000
Multifunctional end-pieceYes, Automatic recognition
Batteries2x AAA 1.5 V (Ships with alkaline)
Display illuminationYes
Tripod thread¼”- 20, brass metal
Protection classIP54, dust-proof, splash-proof
Dimensions5.0 x 1.9 x 1.1 in
Weight with batteries5.4 oz
Minimum / maximum measurementsYes
Area / volume calculationYes
Triangle / room angle functionYes
Room Data (Painter function)Yes
Trapezium measurementsYes
Pythagoras functions2 points, 3 points, 3 point partial-height
Inclination trackingYes
Smart Horizontal ModeYes
Sloped object measurementYes
Height trackingYes
Stake-out functionDual offset, a/b
Subtraction / additionYes
Timer functionYes
  • Yard

    Send measrements directly to your apps using Bluetooth 2.1.

    See our App Directory for a list of apps that all kinds of professionals are using to transform the way they work.

    The D330i is not compatible with iOS. See our blog for more information about device compatibility.




  • Smart Horizontal Mode

    Use Smart Horizontal to determine the level horizontal distance to a target when you have to shoot over an obstacle. The onboard 360° tilt sensor provides an angle measurement so the software can do the math to figure out how much to subtract from the angled shot to get the actual horizontal distance.

  • Min / Max Function

    In Min/Max mode, you "sweep" the laser point into a corner. The longest measurement is recorded. Very useful for accurate diagonal room or window/door measurements.

  • Area / Volume

    In area mode, the DISTO determines the area of a rectangle or square in two shots.

    Volume mode adds a third vertical shot to calculate volume.

  • Triangle / Room

    The simple area function is great when a room is a square or rectangle, but what if you have to determine the area of a room that has more than four corners? That is where the triangle function comes in. Divide the room into imaginary triangles, take three shots for each and then add them up. The DISTO will also tell you circumfrence and the angle of the triangle.

  • Painter Function

    When the DISTO is in area or volume mode, you can use the add / subtract function to total up the area of several surfaces, or subtract an area, like a door for example, from a measurement.

  • Two Point Pythagoras

    Take indirect height and width measurements using the Pythagorean Theorem.

    Three Point Pythagoras

    The key is to make sure your second shot -- the "rectangular shot" -- is perpendicular to the point you are measuring, shown as the 90° angle in the images. The best way to ensure accuracy is to use a tripod and an adapter.

  • Stake Out Function

    The stake out function uses the continuous measurement mode to indicate where to place stakes along a stake-out line. Ideal for any situation where you need to place objects at a consistent interval. The display shows the distance to the next stake out point and the DISTO beeps as you approach it.

  • Bluetooth DISTOs are useful for Building Information Modeling (BIM).

    For more information on how Leica Geosystems supports BIM across our product line, check out the BIM Field Trip on our corporate site.

  • That's right: A sixteenth of an inch.

    Take out a pair of earbuds. Look at how wide the 1/8" jack is.

    Now divide that by half.

  • Intelligent Endpiece

    The endpiece is an integral part of the tool, connected to the circuit board.

    In the closed position the DISTO knows to measure from its base.

    Flip it open 90 degrees to align the base perfectly on an edge or corner.

    Flip it out all the way and you can put this baby in a corner to accurately measure diagonals. Otherwise, the width of the base would prevent you from getting aII the way into the corner, rendering the measurement inaccurate.

  • Store measurements and images with measurements associated with them.

  • Set a timer to delay a measurement the same way you would with the shutter on a digital camera.

Send Measurements to Revit® in Real-Time with the DISTO 330i

Cathi Hayes worked at Autodesk® and helped launch Revit® before she joined Leica Geosystems as our BIM Business Manager.

In this video, Cathi uses a DISTO 330i to send as-built measurements to walls in a Revit® floor plan.

For more on BIM visit Leica Geosystem's BIM Learning Center @ http://bimlearningcenter.com/

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